Chaos on Ravalneer

Peaceful stay in town?

When the party went to transfer their gold from the wagon to their house, they found a grippli hungover inside. The grippli turned out to be a friend, or maybe more of an associate, of Nyx. After this, most of the party decided to go shopping while Riven re-trained in the ways of the ranger. Gale picked up a new Sharded Lance, Nyx got a new amulet, and Allen went to go get a barmaids outfit. The tailor that Allen went to refused to sell anything other than a flimsy outfit, so Allen did the logical thing and stabbed her.

Allen fled back to the house, but didn’t tell any of the others what had happened. Shortly after he arrived, 20 guards came in looking for him. Allen jumped out the back and fled to Lilly’s to share her glorious adventure. After the guards left and posted men around the house, Riven and Nyx went to Lilly’s to find Allen and kick him for being careless.

When they arrived, Lilly cast invisibility on Allen to hide him. Riven and Nyx delayed long enough for the spell to wear off, so Allen and Lilly decided to pretend that he was just a new piece of “furniture”. Nyx and Riven easily saw through Allen’s bullshit.

At that moment, a faerie guard came in and said that there was someone from The Shadows to see Lilly. Lilly sent Nyx, Riven, and Allen into a guest room where Nyx promptly punched Allen. The representative from The Shadows told Lilly that a wanted fugitive was seen entering the embassy and that if it was found that Lilly was helping him, there would be consequences. Lilly assured him that Allen had left as quickly as he came and the representative left. Lilly then smuggled the companions out in a wagon.

After they left the wagon, they noticed a few men following them. Nyx and Allen stealthed away while Riven simply turned around and scared them away. A short while later, Iona came to the house and told them that all Allen needed to do was spend a couple days in jail. Allen went along with her and spent the three days playing her lute.

After she got out, the party decided to go out drinking, inviting Lilly along for the fun. They decided to go to the Broken Wing Inn, since the others didn’t seem fun. When they arrived, Allen was led away by a barmaid, who turned out to be his ex, known now as the Necromancer Queen, and promptly paralyzed him and left him in the room. While he was thus occupied, the rest of the party sat down and got some drinks. After taking a drink, everyone except the Grippli and Gale were knocked unconscious. The rest of the patrons promptly got up and surrounded them. A gnome told Gale and the Grippli that they should follow him. As they were, someone kept poking Gale with a poisoned needle, which she eventually succumbed to. The Grippli was then knocked unconscious by a heavy object.

They awoke to the gnome, revealed now to be the one known as Maldar, telling them that they had to retrieve an object for him or be blown up by the bombs he placed in them.

Most of the party immediatly decided that they would rather die while trying to kill him, than do what he asked. After some investigating, Riven found that Iona had previously had a bomb put in her, but managed to get it removed.The next day, everyone was led to an inner sanctum in Iona’s shop where they met The Council of Seven, who discovered that the only one with a bomb was Gale. They removed the bomb and asked that the party retrieve the item for them, as well as gather information about the Necromancer Queen. When they returned home, there were two new notes on the Job Board, but everyone agreed that tracking down Maldar and making him pay was the highest priority.

The end of a long slog

They set out again, Gale angrily yelled something about “Aeolus!” and ran off, they attempted to chase, Gale outran them, they decided to head back towards goblin horde, as they approached Kain and Nyx went ahead to cause trouble, Nyx went in on her own, lit many important tents on fire, managed to escape while chased by a horde, met up with the others, they all ran, found Seegdin, almost killed him, hid in a cave with him, slept, left, arrived at the meet spot without incident, went home, dropped Seegdin off with Iona and her shadow pals, found flyer for broken wing, followed gnome to Iona’s shop to ask about it, got kicked out, went to see Lilly with everyone, found Kain’s plate and some fee/spoils, left.

Near-sleep experiences
...get it?

11th day of the 7th month

Waking up near the mouth of the hags’ den, the party saw a figure on the horizon to the south. Invisible inquiries revealed that it was a Strix, armed and tired from an apparently lengthy journey, but didn’t reveal much of use; Nyx was somewhat reluctant to even attempt to intuit this person’s motives after her apparent failure with the first hag.

As the strix caught up with the party, they regarded him warily. He told him that Lilly sent him. They continued to regard him warily. He looked back at them, apparently feeling that this was enough explanation. After a few moments of awkward stares all around, Iona asked his name. He told her it was Content Not Found: kain.

The party tired of this pretty quickly. He seemed to be telling the truth and they had shit to do, so with some verbal requests for caution they all got back to preparing to head north. Nyx, with her penchant for being constantly invisible, decided to stay unknown to Kain in order to surprise him if he did something suspicious.

The day passed without incident, and they stopped by a grove of trees to sleep. Not long after, Gale (who was on watch) saw some activity several miles away. She woke the party up to discuss it, whereupon everyone decided that they would see what it was in the morning.

In the morning they sent Nyx and Gale ahead to figure out what all the ruckus was about. The two of them found a forest that was much smaller than it had been yesterday, with many trees seemingly torn straight out of the ground and piled on a gigantic sled. Nearby was a camp of several ogres and another giant, all sleeping the day away; in the forest, they detected what they assumed to be another giant, which seemed to be, on further inspection, chasing something. They headed back to discuss a plan of action with the rest of the party.

In the mean time, the party had made it about halfway from their campsite. Gale reported what they’d seen while pretending Nyx didn’t exist. The party eventually decided to check it out, but wanted to look through their spoils from the hags’ cave first. Iona warned everyone that they might be cursed and shouldn’t be touched, then spent the next several minutes cooing over everything as she played with the weapons and gear. When she revealed what the items did, people attempted to grab their favorites. Iona, apparently now comfortable in her implicit role as de facto leader (which was due, as far as I can tell, to general apathy from the rest of the group), took several items back from people when she thought there were better uses for them.

After some general shuffling of gear, Allen had his blades of fire and ice, Gale had Elian’s old vampire bow, and Content Not Found: kain had Nyx’s lightning spear and a slightly better and far more mystical greatsword. Don’t ask me how Nyx gave the spear to him without revealing her presence. While it’s possible she snuck it into someone else’s inventory and they suavely offered it to Kain, I think it’s somewhat more likely that she took a break from being pretending to be a ghost in order to bestow it upon Kain in a fashion that would make Thor proud. Either way, Kain still didn’t ask any questions about mysterious, invisible companions.

That finished, they headed off toward the forest with the tenuous decision of figuring out what was happening. As they approached, they were met by shouts of triumph and the top half of a faerie. It seemed that she had simply been ripped apart and then thrown far outside of the forest at random. Either way, the faerie was dead and 7 giants could be seen stumbling out of the forest and returning to their makeshift campsite. Swearing vengeance (some; others expressed gratitude), the party followed. They waited as the nocturnal creatures settled down for sleep, and then systematically slit all of their throats.

That settled, they went about learning what they could of the site. Nothing of note was learned, but they did reunite and bury the faerie’s two halves after looting them. They slept, then moved on.

Towards the end of the day they came within site of a large forest in the north, though it was still many miles away. They rested, leaving Allen on guard. Which is why Allen was the first to fall prey to the poison. However, he did manage to scream and wake the others before falling unconscious. The others began to rush from the tent as a mini horde of goblins attacked. Many were quickly taken out with a fire ball, but party members continued to fall as poisoned arrows rained down around them. By the time the battle concluded, only Riven and Gale remained, but they were able to quickly revive all those who had fallen victim to the poisons (or simply to the arrows).

11th day of the 7th month

Near-death Experiences

27th day of the 6th month

Allen decided to go see Lilly, and Riven was chosen to babysit him. Iona headed off on her own to speak with the ambassador for the Greenstone Alliance. Sorindiir said that he probably had some old Dwarven dwellings that need clearing out after the invasion of The Scourge.

Allen and Riven arrived at the embassy, and were told to wait until the princess was ready. They were shown up to the throne room, where they found Lilly as well as Kat. After some conversation, they inquired about another job. They were told that they would have one soon, but they’d have to wait a little for details.

The two of them went back to the house, and the party discussed what their plan of action should be. Iona was pushing hard to start moving towards jobs from the Greenstone Alliance, while most others seemed to have a subtle but undeniable draw to continue with the faeries. Nyx, however, was quite adamant about remaining neutral. She urged that the safest route would be to not take too many jobs from any one faction without working for the others. Especially since the Order of Black Lightning seemed like it wouldn’t mind taking out some pesky adventurers if they got too troublesome. For now, however, the faeries won out.

After this, the party spent a while tooling around town. They used the reward money to buy themselves some more gear, and a few magical items were commissioned from Iona’s shop. Riven and Allen, bored and ready for the next adventure, went to talk to Lilly.

They were led straight up, and found Lilly as talkative as ever. When the conversation moved around to the next job, Lilly produced a note sheet that had helpfully been given to her by Kat. She said they were to scout out a large horde of Scourge that was threatening New Hestalphia’s borders. Not much other information was given, but the exact details would be handed out by Kat when she met up with them to lead them out of the Grand Forest when they were ready to go. Allen and Riven stuck around afterwards for some more conversation, though Riven, like any good wing-man/babysitter, backed off for a while to give the two some space. Or maybe she was flirting with the other faeries. I don’t know what else there is to do in a room full of people whose apparent profession is to be half-naked.

Several days later, Kat came by the party house to collect the party. She went through the portal with them, and led them as usual to a road and then by horseless wagon to a nondescript part of the forest. Guiding them to the edge of the forest, she told them that they should head north to find the horde. Other than that, they were on their own. With that, she disappeared back into the forest.

The party headed north over the plains, traversing a large river with the help of Content Not Found: caleb, and camped out that night. Soon the next day, Gale spotted someone while flying with Caleb. Nyx, invisible as always, was sent ahead to check it out. What she found was a beautiful damsel, running for her life. Nyx alerted the party to this, and they all gathered to figure out what was up.

The woman pleaded with them for help, speaking of monsters which had taken her sisters. She pleaded with the party to get her to safety, but they eventually convinced her that they could keep her safe while they went to help her sisters. She rode on Caleb’s back with Gale and guided the party to the monsters.

They eventually came upon a cave, and Nyx was sent in to scout. She found a room lit by a fire at the end of one branch of the cave, and inside were two women, similar in appearance to the damsel, shackled to the wall. Nyx went back to the entrance, still encountering no enemies, and reported to the party.

Iona and Gale stood guard at the entrance as Allen, Riven, and Nyx went inside. Allen stood guard at a junction to some unexplored parts of the cave, and Riven was led by the invisible Nyx into the fire-lit cavern. It was decided that Riven would pretend to try and unlock the chains, giving Nyx a chance to work her magic to actually unlock them without revealing her presence. Riven proceeded to pick both of the locks without much apparent effort or any help from Nyx.

Riven led the grateful women out of the cave (with Nyx doing the actual guiding), and they met up with Allen. At this point, in the pitch dark of the cave, one of the women uttered a quick spell, covering the entire area in a thick fog. The women melted away as the party was attacked by something huge, unable to get a warning to Iona or Gale.

The damsel on Caleb’s back, as if on cue, suddenly attacked Gale, turning a fearful embrace into a grapple. The damsel’s hands turned to claws, her features grew quickly hideous, and her skin sickly green. Together, Caleb, Iona, and Gale took on the hag, quickly gaining the upper hand. In an attempt to flee, the hag turned invisible. Gale’s summoned direwolf, however, seemed to have no trouble with that. The hag responded by turning into a tree; or that’s what was assumed, considering that said tree was, in fact, still invisible.

Everyone (tree excluded) raced inside to join their comrades. Riven, Allen, and Nyx had managed to make it out of the fog, but were trapped between the fog and two hags. With some devastatingly accurate attacks, the hags had almost managed to kill the three before reinforcements arrived. Iona, quickly followed by Gale’s small army, managed to make it before anything permanent happened. Together they finished off the two hags, and all went cautiously outside to look for the third. However, it seemed that she was gone.

The party recovered a little more, then decided to explore the rest of the cave for threats. None were found, though a dark room with some treasure and a trio of cauldrons was. The loot was scooped into a bag, and the mixtures tipped out of their cauldrons. As the spilled concoctions touched smoke and flame rose, filling the cavern. The party made a hasty retreat, then sat, exhausted, at the entrance to the cave. They decided to pack it in for the night, leaving Gale to guard their front and Caleb to guard them from anything which might someone attack from the cave.

10th day of the 7th month

Aftermath of "Ugly Things"
I dunno...wehh

11 Days after the full moon

As “The Party” and Kat went back to the forest, Kat was more quieter than usual. Allen asked her what was wrong and replied with “the forest is on fire” very bluntly…Iona told her we could handle ourselves and she could do what she needed to do about the forest. As the group set up camp they heard a strange noise, about a mile from where they were setting up camp. Allen had a very bad feeling, about a Fae stating “the forest protects itself” but decided to stay with the group. Riven and Nyx both tried to figure out what it was, but all they could hear was trees and didn’t see it as a threat.

The noise drew closer, a treant came out yelling in a language they didn’t understand. Allen cast comprehend languages and it turned out the tree thought we lit the forest on fire. Allen , distracted by pure fascination of this handsome creature, stuttered and rambled about it not being their fault and trying to explain their situation. The treant was not swayed, saying that the Faerie were meddling and how they don’t care about the forest they live in. Riven tried to speak to it in it’s own language, but the treant did not do well to diplomacy. And raged on with unnatural speed through the thick trees.

The Party ran, thinking that Kat would not appreciate the big dead thing. And also, the group “had just tried to save his ass” as Nyx well put it. Though, the treant was in rage and hit Allen and then aimed for Riven, who was the one to stay back and try to talk to him, and barely made it alive with the gigantic rocks it threw at them as they tried to run. Gale had her eidolon drop their captive (the hob goblin who was very quiet through this whole incident) and go help the invisible Nyx, who had stabilized her, carry Rivens unconscious body.

After booking the hell out of there, they healed up and rested. Riven saying “fuck the faeries” as she gained consciousness. That morning they wearily went back towards the spot where they encountered the raging treant to see if Kat was there. And she was, meeting them where the last rock hit the ground. The Party told her what happened and they decided it was safe to go through the woods. As they saw the road they all so greatly remember, and also the wagon with nothing really driving it, Kat talked to a carrot-haired faerie who traveled with them on the wagon.

When asked who he was, he said it was none of their damn business (and stated about how he doesn’t/shouldn’t talk much), so they carried on and sat in the wagon. A little bit into the ride to the portal to the Compound, Carrot-head poked Allen, and as Allen looked over, Carrot-head looked away. So Allen poked him back. Riven was making sure he didn’t get his soul taken from him and watched the Carrot-head. But all she could sense was that he was trying to be annoying. After a short time he poked Allen again, and Allen didn’t even look this time. He just looked straight ahead and poked him back. Riven finally broke the poke-war and asked Carrot-head what he did for the princesses cause(???). Carrot-head started rambling on, and on. [????making shit up??] Talking about how he made sure no one killed fae. Going out, seeing things. Then going back to the capital[?] and telling them about the things, and having bigger stronger fae look at whats up.

Nyx then whispered to Allen about how much he’s talking with what he said before. And he shut up and said nothing else. Riven and Allen both complained because they had a strange fascination toward the Carrot-head, and they were getting Intel on the whole Fae world. Riven stated that they should go drinking together sometime, and Allen agreed. Both stating that he had to come to /them/, because they weren’t drinking the Fae hippy wine. And told him how to find them (with very poor ways), Iona just told him to come find her at her shop. They said their goodbyes to Carrot-head. Riven blew a kiss to the bunny as it bared it’s teeth. And they were back in the Compound.

The Party went to see Lilly, Lilly was bouncy and happy. Entertained by their story. Said there was 40k gp at their place (which no one bothered to question.) Said bye. They went back home. Bought things and got suited up.

Twelfth day after the full moon


As the party walked out of the portal, they found themselves in a small clearing in the middle of dense forest with no civilization in sight. Nothing in sight, that is, but a rabbit sitting atop an ornate pillar rising from the ground to about chest height. On the pillar, in large, bold letters, was the word ‘STOP’. Underneath it was writing in a language none knew.

Allen used a spell to read the words, which instructed him to “Speak your business to the Guardian, that he may instruct you.” Relaying this to the others, several of them attempted to state their case to the bunny. It stared back at them, uncaring.

Riven then decided, for some unknown reason, to pick the bunny up. It attacked, latching onto Riven with its teeth. As Riven and Allen attempted to mollify the bunny, the rest of the party sat back and watched in varied levels of entertainment.

After a few moments, they heard yelling through the trees: cussing in Common followed by some hasty words in a foreign language, and finished up with more annoyed Common. Out stepped a blue-haired fairy man, who proceeded to chew them out and tell them not to touch the Guardian unless they wished to die. If they were going to talk to the Guardian, it must be in Sylvan - nothing else would work, which was why they just put ‘STOP’ for anyone who didn’t know Sylvan.

Somewhat regaining his composure, the faerie introduced himself as Kat, their guide in New Hestalphia. Which is when the party came to the sudden realization that he was, in fact, female. Kat assured the party that any attempt to say her other name would result in their quick deaths. This somewhat confused the party, as Kat had not told them the name. Kat moved on, explaining that they would not be allowed to see Grand Tree, but instead she would lead them to a wagon that would take them towards their mission. They could, however, tell her any supplies they might need and she would have them waiting.

They listed some basic supplies, and then Kat headed off for a few minutes. When she returned, they followed her through thick forest and undergrowth that seemingly had no path. Half an hour later, they arrived at a dirt road. On it waited a wagon, minus any form of movement, and another prim faerie. He spoke in Sylvan to Kat for a small while, then headed off down the road.

Kat explained that they had all been given treasures as a sort of down payment on their mission and future cooperation. As she handed them out, Kat would occasionally remark on why “Lilly” had chosen the item. Iona, however, did not get an item; this went without comment from both Kat and the party. Kat then handed Allen another bundle, explaining that a man had come after them through the portal to deliver it. It was the sword Iona had been examining for Allen, and he had explained that it’s ability was to change shape into other types of weapons. He said only one more thing: it seemed hungry. Then he left, leaving no notes or other details.

Iona swore vengeance at this.

As they traveled on the horseless wagon, Kat explained that they were just going to be doing some routing surveillance-and-cleanup of some goblins that were harassing the forest edge. She’d be with them, but it was up to the party to get the job done alone. They chatted as they traveled the rest of the way, with Kat answering many questions about New Hestalphia and Faeries. More, however, she left unanswered.

The wagon stopped, and Kat led the party out to the forest edge. On the border ’tween plains and forest was a small goblin squad, which seemed to be trying its hardest to set the forest ablaze. Kat slipped away into the trees, and the Party set themselves up for the attack. Allen raised suspicions first; a goblin dog went over to investigate where he was. Allen performed an amazing, soundless decapitation of the dog. Allen also screamed a battle-cry.

And so the fight was on, and goblins started to pour out of the forest. The party set about taking out the dogs and hobgoblin leader, while Riven and Nyx destroyed what goblins they could see in the forest. As their comrades died, the goblins coming out of the forest began to simply flee. The party cleaned up, then gave chase.

They were eventually led to a sparsely-filled camp. In the middle was a large cage containing three ogres. After Iona did some major damage with a few fireballs, the party engaged the camp in combat. The ogres went down quickly, but hobgoblins kept popping up from the ground or from tents, and a couple characters were brought nearly unconscious. But the party finally finished up, and, after an inspection of the camp found nothing that interested them, they asked Kat what to do.

She said that they could head back now, and that they should be able to get to the forest at nightfall. With that, the party headed back.

Eleventh night after the full moon.

Meetings with Emissaries

2 days after the night of the full moon.

As the party headed down to the common room of the inn for breakfast, they were greeted by their new liason with Coeus: a dwarf named Throrin, whose relaxed confidence and easygoing manner contrasted sharply with the 30-foot berth the other patrons were giving the table at which the dwarf sat. Beside Throrin was a hound named Blood, at least as large as it’s master and from which a constant, low growl emanated. Whether the patrons’ fear was caused by Blood or Throrin, the party had no way of knowing; seemingly oblivious to all of this, Throrin sat stroking Blood’s head.

Introductions proceeded smoothly, with the names of all but the black cat already known to Throrin. The cat told Throrin to call her Nyx; this may have been the first time the name was spoken since the party first met, and yet this interaction seemed to pass without comment.

The dwarf explained that Coeus would now avoid visiting them directly, as a god communing directly to mortals was rarely taken lightly by others. The Shadows, the organization which Iona and Throrin served, largely supported the party and saw great potential in it. However, this did not mean that they had a free ride; some of The Shadows distrusted the party, and some distrusted Coeus. Throrin explained that they would also likely meet the three ambassadors; one from each of the three main political powers on Ravalneer. The party had attracted some attention, and the kingdoms were sure to gather as much strength as possible about themselves.

Throrin and Blood then departed to inform Iona (who had been at her own house), and the party was escorted to their new residence. After a period of them traipsing around the house, exploring and declaring their respective territories, there was a knock upon the door. Outside was a prim and proper man, fair-skinned and with small stature. He came with a summons from a princess of New Hestalphia, and escorted them to what seemed like a miniaturized castle, all turrets and minarets. Inside they met with Iona and were shown to a changing room full of formal wear. They changed and were shown to the throne room.

Inside, flanked by several more beautiful and shirtless fairies, was a grand throne. Upon it sat a fair-skinned woman with silver hair; she looked decidedly bored. She immediately brightened, rushed over to meet the party, bounding forward with a smile. She talked nearly non-stop, about how good it was to see them and how bored she was and how she’d appreciate it if they could kill some ugly goblins and how much she wanted to play a game. At several points she seemed to get very cold and serious, killing intent directed at a single person for a single misspoken word. But she would become bubbly again just as easily, continuing on as if nothing had happened.

Declining the offer of games or dance, the party left, keeping the clothes they had been given. Iona split off, and as the rest walked home they realized that they had never actually gotten the name of the fairy princess.

As they all approached the house, they say a man in a plain uniform peeking into their windows. Allen snuck up on him, but he spun around as Allen’s foot caught some gravel a few feet away. Just then, Nyx descended from the rooftops just inches behind the man, causing him to yell, draw his sword, stumble, and fall on his ass. Riven calmly took a step toward him, hand on hilt, and he apologized almost as quickly as he threw down his weapon. He stammered that he was from the Greenstone Alliance and was just sent here to invite them to the embassy. The party headed out once again, with Allen arm-in-arm with their guide. Their guide didn’t seem particularly happy about that, and yet he never complained. Shook constantly, but never complained.

Approaching the embassy, they saw Iona standing near the entrance with an elf. As soon as he felt Allen’s grip loosen, their own guide sped off down an alley. The elf, somewhat confused by his comrade, nonetheless led them inside. He showed them to a large room, in which a round table featuring a map of Ravalneer took most of the floor. At the other end of the table stood an elf in a more decorated version of the uniform worn by their guides. He introduced himself as Sorindir, ambassador of the Greenstone Alliance, and explained that he wished they would be able to help the Alliance to drive back the corrupted areas of Ravalneer.

He suggested that to start they could concentrate mainly on reconnaissance, and maybe work up from there. In particular, he would understand if the party wished to concentrate on Rhyre; he’d heard that they had a companion who had run off to there, and would understand if they wished to spend their energies to help him. He told them to come see him if they decided, and then dismissed them.

The party headed home again, fully expecting a third emissary to be waiting outside their door. In this respect, however, they were disappointed, and they (including Iona) went inside to discuss the days events. They concluded that the fairies were interesting, Elian didn’t seem to want their help, and surveillance was boring. More importantly, the party realized that the party really needed to find a name for the party.

Allen and Riven decided they’d waited long enough, and got directions to the embassy of the Order of Black Lightening from Riven before she left. The two of them headed off on their own, and those remaining set about further making themselves at home, destroying various furniture.

In front of the imposing building of dark stone, they found an orc with face painted white and carrying a greataxe in each hand. Seemingly unimpressed, Riven casually strolled up to the orc; Allen tried the same, somewhat less convincingly. The orc was taken aback by the show of bravado, and answered their questions almost in a daze. However, he did not reveal the location of the ambassador or when he was likely to be back; he simply told them to expect a messenger.

Several days passed, and no messenger came. They kept themselves occupied, but soon decided to act on the invitation given to them by the fairy princess. As they traveled to the keep, however, they encountered the same orc who had been in front of the embassy. He called out a challenge, and charged toward Riven in his bloodlust. A couple of the party members took heavy blows, but he yielded after a particularly nasty stab in the back by Nyx. He told him they had impressed him, and to tell Wolf Bane at the embassy that they had Gray Mane’s respect. The then staggered off into an alley, seeming to gain more strength with every step.

They decided to go straight there, postponing slightly their trip to New Hestalphia. They traveled to the embassy, and the door opened at their knock. Inside was an orc, who apathetically moved back to his poker game in the corner. The party wandered inside, unsure of what to do. One of the orcs at the poker game finally pointed at the door to the next room. Riven, after spending too much time with Nyx, mistook herself for a cat and showed her affection for the door by head-butting it. Upon actually opening the door they find a dining hall filled with orcs. At the head of the table was a man, the only one in the room, who sat staring at them with a hint of bemusement.

He questioned them about who they were and what they were doing here, and they told him of themselves and the fight with Gray Mane. His face turned to one of amazement and disbelief, and he explained that he did have work for them; all they had to do is decide if they preferred to kill elves or fairies. He said that they should feel free to come back, but it could take a while for him to work out the details of their jobs. They left, heading once again to the keep. After a quick stop by the infirmary to be healed, they entered the portal to New Hestalphia.

11 days after the night of the full moon.


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