Riven Blackmarsh


Riven is a human ranger raised by her father within the confines of neutral forest lands. She knows very little of her mother’s whereabouts, or if she’s even alive, having heard only a few short stories here and there from her father. Because territories change over time, she and her father moved from place to place frequently throughout her childhood.

She has wide knowledge when it comes to survival, although she isn’t the brightest or most civilized when it comes to social situations. When left to her own devices, she prefers to gather information through intimidation rather than tact.

Because her curiosity, she spent the last few years traveling the land somewhat aimlessly from town to town. She wound up getting recruited to track down the shards for Coeus and joining the party. She tends to stick around Allen, because he was the most welcoming among the group when she first arrived. She was also designated as his babysitter. She is fiercely loyal to those who earn her trust, and tries to help out wherever she can.

Due to her recent, and growing, irritation with The Scourge she has learned to channel her anger into barbarian rage.

Riven Blackmarsh

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