Feel free to look around and familiarize yourself with this. There isn’t much right now, but if we don’t mind putting in the time this could all be very useful. Mostly, the only things of note right now are the wiki, the characters, and the adventure log. Feel free to modify or add anything you need, or, if possible, contribute art.

Though you can read everything in the wiki, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your character should know all of that and be able to use it in the campaign. Use your own judgement in determining how much of this your character would actually know. There are, however, things that will still be kept secret from you; you can even make changes that only you and I can see (and certain other players, if you want).

Quick note: in my experience, this website is best viewed with Google Chrome. Not that you have to use it. I’d prefer Firefox, but I’m okay using Chrome since I rarely have a computer long before I install IE, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Firefox.