Chaos on Ravalneer

Peaceful stay in town?

When the party went to transfer their gold from the wagon to their house, they found a grippli hungover inside. The grippli turned out to be a friend, or maybe more of an associate, of Nyx. After this, most of the party decided to go shopping while Riven re-trained in the ways of the ranger. Gale picked up a new Sharded Lance, Nyx got a new amulet, and Allen went to go get a barmaids outfit. The tailor that Allen went to refused to sell anything other than a flimsy outfit, so Allen did the logical thing and stabbed her.

Allen fled back to the house, but didn’t tell any of the others what had happened. Shortly after he arrived, 20 guards came in looking for him. Allen jumped out the back and fled to Lilly’s to share her glorious adventure. After the guards left and posted men around the house, Riven and Nyx went to Lilly’s to find Allen and kick him for being careless.

When they arrived, Lilly cast invisibility on Allen to hide him. Riven and Nyx delayed long enough for the spell to wear off, so Allen and Lilly decided to pretend that he was just a new piece of “furniture”. Nyx and Riven easily saw through Allen’s bullshit.

At that moment, a faerie guard came in and said that there was someone from The Shadows to see Lilly. Lilly sent Nyx, Riven, and Allen into a guest room where Nyx promptly punched Allen. The representative from The Shadows told Lilly that a wanted fugitive was seen entering the embassy and that if it was found that Lilly was helping him, there would be consequences. Lilly assured him that Allen had left as quickly as he came and the representative left. Lilly then smuggled the companions out in a wagon.

After they left the wagon, they noticed a few men following them. Nyx and Allen stealthed away while Riven simply turned around and scared them away. A short while later, Iona came to the house and told them that all Allen needed to do was spend a couple days in jail. Allen went along with her and spent the three days playing her lute.

After she got out, the party decided to go out drinking, inviting Lilly along for the fun. They decided to go to the Broken Wing Inn, since the others didn’t seem fun. When they arrived, Allen was led away by a barmaid, who turned out to be his ex, known now as the Necromancer Queen, and promptly paralyzed him and left him in the room. While he was thus occupied, the rest of the party sat down and got some drinks. After taking a drink, everyone except the Grippli and Gale were knocked unconscious. The rest of the patrons promptly got up and surrounded them. A gnome told Gale and the Grippli that they should follow him. As they were, someone kept poking Gale with a poisoned needle, which she eventually succumbed to. The Grippli was then knocked unconscious by a heavy object.

They awoke to the gnome, revealed now to be the one known as Maldar, telling them that they had to retrieve an object for him or be blown up by the bombs he placed in them.

Most of the party immediatly decided that they would rather die while trying to kill him, than do what he asked. After some investigating, Riven found that Iona had previously had a bomb put in her, but managed to get it removed.The next day, everyone was led to an inner sanctum in Iona’s shop where they met The Council of Seven, who discovered that the only one with a bomb was Gale. They removed the bomb and asked that the party retrieve the item for them, as well as gather information about the Necromancer Queen. When they returned home, there were two new notes on the Job Board, but everyone agreed that tracking down Maldar and making him pay was the highest priority.


SkeevingQuack Yeashua

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