Job Board

When the party arrived at their house in The Compound, they set up a bulletin board outside. Below are the postings to date and the party’s progress with them.

  • Novenshar Raid
    Status: Re-assigned
    The party was asked to retrive an object from the occupied dwarven city of Novenshar. They must meet with Maldar at The Broken Wing Inn for more details. Sildar, a worker at Iona’s shop, warned them that they couldn’t trust Maldar.

When the party went to the Broken Wing Inn on an unrelated drink run, they were poisoned by Maldar and told that if they didn’t retrieve the object, they would die from bombs planted in them. The Council of Seven removed the bomb (only Gale was implanted), but asked them to retrieve the object to keep it out of the wrong hands.

  • Revenge
    Status: On-Going
    The party has sworn revenge on Maldar, but they must find him first.
  • Haunted House
    “Something scary is in my house. Can you get rid of it for me? I can’t pay you a lot, but I’ll give you whatever I can! My house is in the village of Navar. It’s the Big one on the hill. Please help! – Enna” Written in child’s handwriting.

Job Board

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