The Free Lands

After the fall of the First Kingdom, much of it’s territory was broken up into individual fiefdoms. These so called Free Lands have a loose alliance with each other to protect themselves from the larger factions. Every year, a landsmeet is called to determine the fate of the Free Lands. There has yet to be a lord with enough popularity to claim rulership over all the Free Lands, but there are a few growing in power

Lord Emry

Lord Emry is a former advisor to High King Retna and was a prominent member of the Resistance. He was offered a position in The Shadows, but declined. Instead, he swore to defend his home from the other Lords, who he views as corrupt.
Lord Emry rules over The Lord City of Graval and its surrounding areas. He has amassed the most individual power among the Free Lords. However, his rigid stance against corruption has made him few friends, and many enemies.

Duke Pelfas

Duke Pelfas was once an advisor to The Crimson King, Caliel. Upset at the loss of his easy life, he was determined to regain his power.
Angry over losing Graval to Lord Emry, Pelfas declared himself Duke of the city of Menfal in the northwest of the Free Lands. His corrupt nature has attracted many of the lesser Lords, who now call themselves the Crimson Swords.

General Avaline

General Avaline was the leader of the Nemaran Swords, the main army of the Human kingdom during Retna’s reign. When Caliel took power, she quit the army and moved to the town of Brachfen in the north east of the Free Lands. When she left, she ordered her troops to stay with the new regime. Most obeyed, but a small group disobeyed and followed her. Together, they turned the small town into a bustling military installation.
General Avaline is one of the few allies of Lord Emry, and her staunch stance on defending the weak has drawn many to her banner.

The Free Lands

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